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Jigglypuff Crossbreed (I'M NOT DEAD) by Radiant-Lyxill
Jigglypuff Crossbreed (I'M NOT DEAD)
Damn, I haven't uploaded anything here for AGES.  I just want to let everyone know that I am not dead; work has been rough and whenever I'm off I either sleep all day, get on Tumblr, or play games.  I haven't finished a drawing and put it here for so long.  

Anywho, I decided to join the crossbreed bandwagon and went with none other than Jigglypuff!  Variations are based on sound related moves and colors...well I just did a color swap.  I hope I can get back into drawing and start posting more stuff.  Until next time!
Draw it Again!  Xerneas Gijinka by Radiant-Lyxill
Draw it Again! Xerneas Gijinka

I was doodling some random face and it somehow turned into redesigning a gijinka I made almost two years ago (two days off).  Looking at them both now is just really reassuring to me that I have improved my, not by a lot but enough for me to feel proud of.  I would have put more into lineart and coloring for the new one, but I really wasn’t up for it.  Plus I like sloppy sketch lines and lazy coloring! \o/ 

Anyway, it’s real nice to see that I can get better despite not drawing as much as I would like.  Aside from working a lot, I often scroll around Tumblr or play games…or sleep.  I started on another gijinka redesign some days ago, but I’m putting more effort into so hopefully it turns out well!  U u U

PS:  I may have used a certain elf king as a reference (didn’t rely on it too much, but I used it.  huehuehuehue)

PSS:  I copy and pasted this description from Tumblr wow aren't I on it...

Spaaaaaaaace! by Radiant-Lyxill
I've been wanting to draw Markiplier fanart for a long while, and after several hours I finally did it!  There are two versions of this (one for here and one for Tumblr).  So now you can have a cute, space loving nerd here and there!  Much love to you, Mark.  U//u//U
Stargazer by Radiant-Lyxill

I had an urge to draw and this was the result, and I am quite please with it!  And who doesn't like to gaze at the stars every once in a while?


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United States
Just a typical girl with impossible dreams...
Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well!

I'm very sorry I haven't done anything lately.  Both places have been hitting me in the stomach and it's hard to get anything done or started for that matter.  It seems whenever I am off from one or both places, I do other things besides drawing (and laundry and cleaning, lol).  Sunday I was off from both places and I tried to stay awake all day so I could do something productive.  Long story short, I decided to take an hour or so nap and I ended up sleeping till 8 pm.  It's frustrating; I want to draw and be more productive but I either lack motivation or I'm just too tired.  Hopefully it'll get better; that's all I can really say about that...

Also, for those whose birthdays have came and went, I hope you had wonderful birthdays!  And for those whose birthdays are coming up, Happy early Birthday!  

That's all I got for now; I just got off at from BK and it's 6:44 am.  I don't want to go to sleep yet...  U u U;;

Have a lovely day and hopefully I'll do something soon!

Much love,

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Happy birthday! Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D 

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Nyaaah, thank you Rev!
It was an okay day~!
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