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Poke' Dump by Radiant-Lyxill
Poke' Dump
Spent my day drawing the pokermanz.  Played around with redesigns and adding my own style, plus I did these from memory.  Wouldn't mind linearting and coloring some of these...  U u U
New Look~ by Radiant-Lyxill
New Look~
I got my hair cut short recently and figured it was time to update my look here!  This was fun to color~!
Pokemon Journey: Splish Splash! by Radiant-Lyxill
Pokemon Journey: Splish Splash!
Decided to hop on that Pokemon Journey bandwagon.  Surprisingly got an actual starter for mine!  I'm really proud of this, despite not knowing how to water.  Hopefully I'll start posting more stuff soon!
Jigglypuff Crossbreed (I'M NOT DEAD) by Radiant-Lyxill
Jigglypuff Crossbreed (I'M NOT DEAD)
Damn, I haven't uploaded anything here for AGES.  I just want to let everyone know that I am not dead; work has been rough and whenever I'm off I either sleep all day, get on Tumblr, or play games.  I haven't finished a drawing and put it here for so long.  

Anywho, I decided to join the crossbreed bandwagon and went with none other than Jigglypuff!  Variations are based on sound related moves and colors...well I just did a color swap.  I hope I can get back into drawing and start posting more stuff.  Until next time!
Draw it Again!  Xerneas Gijinka by Radiant-Lyxill
Draw it Again! Xerneas Gijinka

I was doodling some random face and it somehow turned into redesigning a gijinka I made almost two years ago (two days off).  Looking at them both now is just really reassuring to me that I have improved my, not by a lot but enough for me to feel proud of.  I would have put more into lineart and coloring for the new one, but I really wasn’t up for it.  Plus I like sloppy sketch lines and lazy coloring! \o/ 

Anyway, it’s real nice to see that I can get better despite not drawing as much as I would like.  Aside from working a lot, I often scroll around Tumblr or play games…or sleep.  I started on another gijinka redesign some days ago, but I’m putting more effort into so hopefully it turns out well!  U u U

PS:  I may have used a certain elf king as a reference (didn’t rely on it too much, but I used it.  huehuehuehue)

PSS:  I copy and pasted this description from Tumblr wow aren't I on it...

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well!

I'm very sorry I haven't done anything lately.  Both places have been hitting me in the stomach and it's hard to get anything done or started for that matter.  It seems whenever I am off from one or both places, I do other things besides drawing (and laundry and cleaning, lol).  Sunday I was off from both places and I tried to stay awake all day so I could do something productive.  Long story short, I decided to take an hour or so nap and I ended up sleeping till 8 pm.  It's frustrating; I want to draw and be more productive but I either lack motivation or I'm just too tired.  Hopefully it'll get better; that's all I can really say about that...

Also, for those whose birthdays have came and went, I hope you had wonderful birthdays!  And for those whose birthdays are coming up, Happy early Birthday!  

That's all I got for now; I just got off at from BK and it's 6:44 am.  I don't want to go to sleep yet...  U u U;;

Have a lovely day and hopefully I'll do something soon!

Much love,

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It was an okay day~!
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